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*jollification \jol-ih-fuh-KAY-shuhn\ (noun) – Merrymaking; festivity; revelry. "The office’s new jollification committee had such a small budget that they could only festoon the office with multi-colored streamers twice a week." Jollification is from jolly (from Old French joli, jolif, "joyful, merry") + Latin -ficare, combining form of facere, "to make."

juju \JOO-joo\ (noun) –
1 : An object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.
2 : The power associated with a juju.
"They have powerful juju. They can make juju to kill all of us." — T. M. Aluko, ‘One Man, One Matchet’
Juju is of West African origin, akin to Hausa djudju, fetish, evil spirit.