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Kružna putovanja 1930-ih godina

Gospar Đivo Bašić pronašao je nekoliko linkova na video isječke koji se odnose na kružna putovanja 30-tih godina prošlog stoljeća. Zanimljivo je u njima vidjeti i naš grad, Lokrum i općenito turiste i turizam toga doba:

Kružna putovanja 1930-ih godina (vjerojatno uključena i ona brodova „Kraljica Marija“ i „Princeza Olga“)
Cruising, 1930’s – Film 6521 – YouTube
Kotor 02.07 – 03.47 min
Dubrovnik 03.47 – 05.57 min.

Amateur home movie: Cruising in the 1930’s and Old town Dubrovnik.
Inter – titles: Deck Quoits On The Spacious Sports Deck.
A selected orchestra provides excellent music three times daily, also for dancing in the evening.
Afternoon tea, always welcome, and served on any part of the ship.
Anchored of Kotor. ( Cattaro) for landing passengers for the drive round the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik (Ragusa).
Dubrovnik (Ragusa). An old world city on the Dalmatian coast.

Cruising In The Mediterranean, 1930’s – Film 7298 – YouTube

Cruising In The Mediterranean On The Arandora Star, amateur home movie 1930’s
Palma Majorca in Spain with market and stalls and the harbour and Cathedral. The swimming pool. Tangiers, Morocco, the Arab market, snake charmer. Pool on the cruise ship. People doing cannonballs into the pool. Deck games.
Lisbon, Portugal. Cloisters of Belem. Women getting water at the well. On board ship again.

1930’s cruise. Film 46028 – YouTube

Ferry to Cherbourg France 1930’s
Ship near Port. Man and woman wearing glasses. Sailing boats. Crowd on pier. Sailors in uniform. Boats with bunting. Brass band amongst crowd. People disembark from ship. Policeman (Gendarme).
Sandy beach with striped huts/tents. Two men and a woman sit at a table outside a restaurant/café having drinks. Children near the sea and an inflatable boat on the water. Children with spades by a large sandcastle near the waters edge.
People on the promenade. Two women walk away from us in fashionable clothing, one in a long dress and the other has matching scarf and long culottes. Men wearing hats chat.
Ship – Atlanta Cherbourg. Aboard couples on deck with clothes blowing in the breeze. Small swimming pool. Deck scenes. Land viewed from ship. Taking tea. A small boat near the ship before leaving leaving the Ship with crew and passengers. Seagulls. In the harbour a ship with masts. Castles, Chateaux on the shoreline. The crew aboard the boat as they come into the harbour. View out to Liner at sea.
On board ship. Deck scene. Passengers lounge on deck. Deck game with golf club putting a ball and lifeboat in background. A couple lie on deck in swimsuits. Crew working aboard. Powerboat at sea.



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